What is 3 hours compared to the beautiful attractions you can visit. At Europa Coaches Croatia we can arrange a suitable transfer vehicle for you group. The only country in Europe that links the Mediterranean, the Karst, the Alps and the Pannonian Plain, so diverse that in one hour you can take a look to the sea, in other you can be surrounded with mountains. Charter buses at Europa Coaches Croatia will take you to neighbouring country Slovenia. The most desired locations are Bled, Postojna Caves, the capital Ljubljana, Piran, Portorož, Soča Valley and many others.


Call our team at Europa Coaches Croatia and book a coach to explore Serbia. Start your tour in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and visit great places like Ada Ciganlija and Kalemegdan Park. Continue your tour to Novi Sad, Niš, Drvengrad, Zlatibor and be mesmerized by its history, the nature and warm and welcoming people living there.


A nine-hour drive from Croatia with our modern fleet of coaches and buses is the best option to take a comfortable and relaxing tour. Europa Coaches Croatia can arrange a small or large vehicle, depends on the size of the group and take you to famous and beautiful Italy. When in Italy, visit Rome known for great food, art and history. Do not finish the tour without taking a look to Rome's Colosseum. Feel the romance in Venice by exploring the narrow canals with a gondola. Smell the cypress trees and olives in Tuscany and take a stroll through the ancient streets of Pompeii. If you’re interested in lemon tree gardens and interesting villas you can find them on Amalfi Coast, or you can take a shopping tour in Milan. All these attractions and many others are often at Europa Coaches Croatia's schedule, so hop on and give Italy a chance to charm you.


Settle yourself on a coach or bus that Europa Coaches Croatia can provide and take a five hours drive from Croatia to Hungary. Explore Budapest, a city rich with architecture and romance. When in Budapest, visit Buda Castle, take a look of Danube river – a river splitting the city in two parts. On Freedom Bridge you can see one of the best sunset views. Rent one of our buses and coaches and visit Tihany – popular holiday resort situated on Lake Balaton. Magnificent caves you can explore in Bükk Mountains. The Caves of Lillafüred are known for their incredible stalactite formations, the most attractive one is István Cave. Europa Coaches Croatia can also make a stop at Eger Castle, Sopron, Cathedral of St. Peter and many other attractions.


From Croatia to Austria there is only four and half hour drive with our bus. There is no need that your tour starts in Croatia, it can start in any other European destination. Europa Coaches Croatia will provide a suitable vehicle depending on size of the group. Austria has many interesting attractions you can visit. In Vienna do not miss the Schönbrunn Palace, comparable to Versailles and build around 1696, which was used as the summer palace by Maria Theresa. Visit the small village, called Hallstatt, well-known for salt production. Vacations between the mountains are particularly pleasant in the summer so visit Innsbruck and enjoy in a pleasant climate and numerous attractions. When taking excursions in Austria visit the Salzburg Castle, one of the largest castles in Europe.


Europa Coaches Croatia will take you to magnificent Switzerland in only nine hours. The country is full of attractions that are near each other because Switzerland is very small but diverse and magnificent. Feel the fresh mountain air in the Jungfrau region, see the sensational landscape that white peaks are offering. If you interested in castles and exploring the dungeons then the town of Montreaux awaits. Switzerland is small but has so many things to offer. Beside the previously listed attractions you also have to visit the Matterhorn in Zermatt, St. Moritz, Mt. Pilatus and the Rhine Falls. Our team at Europa Coaches Croatia has charter buses and coaches to take you to this popular country.


For all those who are passionate about history, beautiful landscape, sporting activities, art and nature lovers, should all take an excursion with Europa Coaches Croatia and be seduced by Germany and it's attractions and landmarks. Hire a comfortable coach or bus and relax on your way to Germany. Take your time and visit Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral, the Neuschwanstein Castle, Port of Hamburg, the Rhine Valley, Museum Island in Berlin and many others. When in Berlin you should also see the remains of famous Berlin Wall and explore the city because the atmosphere is liberating and makes you feel good.


Europa Coaches Croatia will not disappoint you and neither will the Czech Republic. Although it is small it has many different attractions that are worth seeing. The famous one is the capital city Prague and its Castle. In Prague you need to take a stroll over the Charles Bridge which offers a great view and is full of various statues. In six hours you can be in Brno with our coach or bus and visit the Cathedral of St. Peter and Paul which is the famous and the most important monument in Czech Republic. Český Krumlov Castle, the Bohemian Paradise, Kutná Hora, town of Karlovy Vary and other excited attractions in Czech Republic are waiting for your exploration, so rent a coach or any other vehicle at Europa Coaches Croatia and travel around.


Known for cheese and wine this famous European country attracts visitors from all around the world. Europa Coaches Croatia has a large and modern fleet of coaches and buses that can take you to France’s delightful climate, fine beaches on the French Riviera, a lot of possibilities for winter sport, rich culture and amazing island of Corsica. Our team at Europa Coaches Croatia can arrange an appropriate transfer vehicle to take you and your group on a bus excursion. Our job is to take you to France and your job is to explore all the excited places and mesmerized corners you can find, for example: Eiffel Tower, St. Tropez, Chamonix, Palace of Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, Chateau de Chambord, Palais des Papes, Chartres Cathedral and many, many other.


Do you have a bus excursion from Italy to Netherlands with a stop in Switzerland, Germany and Belgium. For Europa Coaches Croatia this tour is not a problem because we have bus depots in Slovenia, Italy, France, England, Germany and Czech Republic. When in Netherlands do not focus only on Amsterdam since there is plenty to see and do. For example: touch the rainbow tulips in Keukenhof – The Garden of Europe, Hoge Veluwe National Park, village of Kinderdijk - centrally located between Rotterdam and Dordrecht, significant Valkenburg, Kaastel De Haar near Utrecht and of course all the attractions in Amsterdam.


Croatia's neighbouring country Montenegro is only seven hours away and has a beautiful coastline. Some tourists say that a charming town Kotar is even more beautiful than Dubrovnik. Europa Coaches Croatia's modern fleet of buses, minibuses and vans can easily transfer you there if you decide. Also visit Perast, a harmonious village of stone, full of gardens filled with oleanders and fig trees. Hire a coach at Europa Coaches Croatia and take a tour to Sveti Stefan, which is also called a "jewel of the Montenegrian cost". Walk along 600 year old walls that are surrounding the small island called Sveti Stefan.


Embark on a nine-hour journey with Europa Coaches Croatia and make a stop in Macedonia. Instead of swimming in the sea you could swim in Lake Ohrid’s crystal clear water – the lake is listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our coaches or buses can also take you to the most beautiful church in Macedonia – the church in St. Jovan, situated in Kaneo. Discover nature and calmness of lake Matka and explore the capital city Skopje. Stand beside 22 meters high warrior on horse – a statue in Skopje, take a look at an interesting and modern memorial house of Mother Teresa and take a walk to Millennium Cross. You will be impressed by Macedonia, so rent a coach or bus at Europa Coaches Croatia.

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